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Forum Rules

The forum rules act as a reminder about how DTVKit expects the forum to run to ensure that members utilise it in the correct way to get the most out of it.

·         Be Respectful

Please respect other people’s views and opinions, even if you do not necessarily agree with them. If you are offended by a post or find it inappropriate, please report it to us (using the “report” link that appears next to each post) and we will handle the situation.


·         Be Polite

When joining in forum discussions it is good etiquette to ask questions and respond in a polite and inoffensive manner. Please remember that we each know and understand different things – that’s what makes people interesting – please use this as an opportunity to teach but also to learn.


·         Keep it Relevant

Please post in the correct section of the forum and make sure that your discussion points stay relevant. Keeping to the correct sections means that your post will be read by those who are interested. Keeping it relevant is beneficial to you and other members of the forum.


Our team of moderators check the forum on a regular basis to ensure that we are sticking to the guidelines and terms of use. Postings that ignore these rules will be removed and necessary action will be taken for the respective member. 

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