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How does DTVKit work?

DTVKit was formed after extensive consultation with industry partners. Its objectives, legal construction and processes reflect feedback from members and other companies about what they needed to improve their businesses.

Membership Based

In order to ensure that DTVKit can reach its objectives it has been constructed as a membership based organisation. On joining, members will have access to the source code repositories and the right to be represented in both the operational and technical management of the organisation. An annual membership fee will be required to cover the costs of running DTVKit, which has been set to be broadly equivalent to other collaborative industry organisations. A number of membership levels are available for different kinds of organisations, detailed here.

Controlled By Its Members

DTVKit is controlled by its members and run for the benefit of its members. The Governing Board made up of representatives from member organisations have the responsibility to set objectives and the budget to evolve all aspects of DTVKit. The Governing Board is supported by a small number of full time staff.

The Governing Board delegates responsibility to define the technical roadmap to the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) who ensure that the software assets are developed in line with the common interests of the community. In the future, technical sub committees may also be established appropriately to guide the development of individual components.

Maintaining Quality Through Collaboration

All members will be encouraged to contribute feature developments or bug fixes into DTVKit. To maintain the quality and reliability of the software components, the patches will only be committed to the DTVKit trunk once approved by a moderator. At least one moderator per component has been nominated from the current members. Moderators will carry the responsibility to ensure that patches will only be checked-in if they meet the following criteria: 

-  The supplying member has signed a contributor agreement

-  The patch has passed the latest version of the DTVKit test suite

-  The patch either fixes a registered bug or implements a road mapped feature

-  The patch does not alter any API which is under change control

-  The patch is free from any proprietary IPR and is free to use as part of the membership

Whilst members are encouraged to supply code back into the community, they are not under any contractual obligation to do so. This construction ensures that members have commercial freedom to exploit the assets from DTVKit whilst also contributing towards the common benefit.

External API’s, either to the application, platform or between components will be placed under change control to ensure that integration effort is kept to a minimum.

Transparent Release Cycles

A key objective of DTVKit is to provide members with transparency on the contents of any given release both past and future. DTVKit will generate releases regularly and all releases will have been tested to the DTVKit Test Suite and contain detailed release notes. Minor releases will be provided regularly containing bug fixes and minor feature upgrades. Any change which has an architectural implication or requires a change to a controlled API will be reserved for major releases which can only be approved by the Technical Steering Committee.

Licensing Model

Members will benefit from an unlimited royalty free licence to commercially exploit the software from DTVKit when compiled to run on a 'Delivery Members' silicon platform. As Quality is at the heart of our vision this construction ensures that we can maintain this core value across multiple silicon platforms.