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What is the value add to your company?

DTVKit helps companies to deliver the next generation of digital TV platforms, providing members with the opportunities to:

- Lower development costs

- Accelerate time to market

- Create capacity to differentiate

- Access commercial quality software

Royalty Free Software

DTVKit membership provides source code access to a wide range of DVB components, royalty free. This lowers our member’s costs, streamlines their administration and makes their businesses more competitive.

No Upfront License Fees

DTVKit significantly reduces project start-up costs making speculative, niche or low volume projects more viable. In comparison to proprietary software development companies, the member fees are substantially lower and provide access to a number of DVB software components, as opposed to just one. 

No Maintenance Costs

Traditional software licensing models expect the customer to pay annual maintenance fees. The DTVKit software is maintained by its members, which means that bug fixes checked back into the repository will be available to members at no extra cost.

Lower Engineering Costs

Collaborative software development within the DTVKit community allows members to access and jointly develop the core components that are key to a successful product. This decreases maintenance, training and testing costs. We understand how important DVB software components are to a product and that they have to work and be reliable. Collaboration of the engineering teams is another way that we save our members time and money. 

Faster Time to Market

Mature DTVKit components (in some cases pre-ported to common silicon platforms,) means members will have a range of options to choose from all built from the same core software. This can result in faster time to market and extra availability for engineering resources to concentrate on value add features and applications.

Drives Innovation

With DTVKit software less time is required to understand the code, as well as the porting and the testing. This means that DTVKit members are able to free up valuable engineering resources to focus on innovation and add value to their customer’s projects. 

Commercially Driven Membership Rules

DTVKit provides a collaborative business model supplying its members with a reference DVB stack that can be modified and used for a company’s own products. The rules recognise that there will be occasions when it is commercially inappropriate to contribute certain changes back into the software repositories. As a member it is not compulsory to offer changes back into DTVKit but we do encourage it. You can make your own judgement on the balance between managing private branches and commercial advantage.

Commercial Quality Software

DTVKit’s software components have already been shipped in huge volumes and are of high commercial quality. The governance and moderation processes in place mean that members can continue to rely on this inherent quality over time.