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The following are release notes for version 15.3.0


mantis-341 - Clean target does not remove all the folders and files

mantis-330 - With debug enabled, memValidate() can crash if it is given an invalid memory location!

mantis-318 - Wrong URL Sanitization

mantis-286 - DSMCC cache memory tracks size in global, which can lead to crash

mantis-241 - When destroying DSMCC instance, section buffer cache is freed without releasing buffers

mantis-238 - Make the DSMCC file system cache size configurable

mantis-240 - Dynamic control of debug does not work for section filter code

mantis-233 - DSMCC_Close can get stuck in an infinite loop

mantis-221 - Debug output could do with being more helpful

mantis-216 - “make clean” does not clean generated object files

mantis-205 - Add dynamic control of debug output through a new API function

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