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This is release notes for DVBCore 15.3.0


mantis-363 - Add ASSERTs that would fail when there is failure to create NVM database

mantis-362 - In STB_PVRCreateRecording, 'basename' can have data overrun (or array out of bounds)

mantis-343 - Floating point exception in GetNextEitSearchTime()

mantis-357 - Add support for 60Hz HDMI resolutions

mantis-347 - Extend callback functions for handling table types

mantis-324 - The change_service flag used by alarm timers doesn't do anything useful

mantis-356 - There isn't any easy way to define unique event values for events sent by a CA module

mantis-353 - Out of date events added to schedule, only to be deleted shortly afterwards

mantis-349 - SRCDIR shouldn't be explicitly set in common.mak

mantis-346 - Add defines for additional service types

mantis-340 - Some files and folders not removed by clean target

mantis-345 - Make functions to process TDT and TOT public

mantis-348 - EIT schedule data can be dropped due to the internal buffer being too small

Mantis-331 - Adding capability to middleware to report back itemized data in extended event info

mantis-334 - EV_SERVICE_EIT_SCHED_UPDATE not sent when old events deleted

Mantis-336 - Add a function to get service information of event.

Mantis-306 - South American countries support must be added

mantis-323 - Implementation of HBBTV_PresentDVBSubtitle does not correctly handle the case when component_tag = -1

mantis-322 - Displaying signal strength/quality while scanning

Mantis-315 - Rename favourite group functionality must be added

mantis-308 - ATMR_InitialiseTimer returns FALSE if the type of timer is TIMER_TYPE_PRIVATE

mantis-301 - DVB needs to notify a CA module when recording starts and stops on a PVR device

mantis-291 - If EIT event has duration of 24 hours or more, then will hit ASSERT

mantis-288 - First timer allocated handle is 2 rather than 1

mantis-283 - Started event-triggered recordings are not restarted at reboot

mantis-285 - NULL mutex is being accessed by the PVR code

mantis-284 - NULL mutex is being accessed by the PVR code

mantis-275 - Clarify the difference between platform funcsions STB_OSSetClockRTC and STB_OSSetClockGMT

mantis-270 - Bookmark functionality extension and generalisation

mantis-277 - Add ability to enable/disable a tuner in the resource manager

mantis-63 - Code to only keep EIT data from TSactual needs to be updated

mantis-269 - Bookmark names cannot be read from file.

mantis-268 - Wrong recording ID returned to HBBTV

mantis-252 - Automatic playback bookmark creation should be moved outside STB_PVRStopPlaying

mantis-266 - Demux capabilities need to be changed

mantis-265 - SI monitoring isn't started on a decode path that isn't being used for recording or watching a live service

mantis-243 - Remove limitation of 11 PVR bookmarks

mantis-262 - MHEG5 prevents HBBTV from controlling channel change.

mantis-254 - When you update the Audio language, the UI does not update

mantis-127 - There's no way to acquire an unused tuner & demux to download data in the background

mantis-251 - STB_MEMReadSecureConstant doesn't return a pointer to constant data

mantis-245 - HbbTV externals in DVBCore need to be updated for changes due to country ID no longer being stored in NVM

mantis-23 - For portability should save country code, not country id to NVRAM.

mantis-234 - Documentation contains functions that don't actually exist because they're present some header files

mantis-214 - Use doxygen for function comments.

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