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The following are release notes for version 15.3.0


mantis-342 - Bad collection's item array access

mantis-333 - Local System object does not return the values set by HBBTV_SetSystemInfo.

mantis-328 - SearchResults collection is released twice

mantis-326 - Internal function NumInputOutputChars incorrectly handles zero length DVB strings

mantis-321 - Debug print of uninitialised name

mantis-309 - Hbbtv app is not invoked when embedded within DSMCC

mantis-317 - Wrong URL test in HBBTV_JSOipfAppMgr_getOwnerApp

mantis-314 - Metadata search task isn't being terminated correctly

mantis-304 - NPAPI plugin does not set the video object dimentions if it's not explicitly set.

mantis-300 - When a collection is emptied the items and number of items aren't set to 0

mantis-292 - NPAPI plugin expects the wrong strings from addEventListener methods

mantis-261 - videoBroadcast setChannel should work without the optional parameters

mantis-259 - SearchResults collection should be empty untill onMetadataSearch is called

mantis-257 - Crash when Javascript calls MetadataSearch createQuery uses wrong type of parameters

mantis-256 - Compilation error when DEBUG_JS_OBJECTS is active

mantis-244 - SearchResults class still affected by the array access problem

mantis-248 - ChannelList getChannelByTriplet cannot handle the case when tsid is null

mantis-232 - Creation of oipfRecordingScheduler's ChannelConfig needs to be moved

mantis-227 - Array access problem on objects created via NPAPI interface

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