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The following are release notes for version 15.3.0


mantis-296 - Make clean only removes the library

mantis-335 - MHEG5 simulator using old APIs

mantis-294 - MHEG5_StopCIApplication does not need to take a parameter for 'module'

mantis-293 - When DTVKIT_INTEGRATE_MHEG5 has 'ciplus', it should compile code to support CI Plus!

mantis-289 - Text drawing has rounding errors for position of chars when letter spacing is not zero

mantis-253 - MHEG needs to specify which service it is querying in IsConnectionAllowed

mantis-226 - Restructure to provide better structure to debug MHEG key events

mantis-206 - MHEG engine doesn't build when “DTVKIT_INTEGRATE_MHEG5 = ciplus”

mantis-203 - Unclear how to determine whether a given MHEG tune is quiet or not.

mantis-145 - MHEG5/source/graphics/src/mg_hkfont.c doesn't compile if define HK_PROFILE

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