By partnering with OBS, DTVKit can now offer a version of the innovative ORB HbbTV 2.0.3 solution fully integrated to DTVKit DVBCore and DSMCC with versions for both RDK and Android


The ORB HbbTV innovative architecture uses the existing system browser (WPE or Android Webview) removing the need for an additional browser to support HbbTV. This reduces system complexity, software footprint and subsequent resource requirements.

Javascript and Reusable C++ Components for Seamless Development

The ORB HbbTV solution is primarily executed in Javascript, providing a flexible and intuitive development environment. To further enhance performance and reliability, it has incorporated reusable C++ components into the solution. This powerful combination allows members to leverage their existing expertise in these widely used programming languages, simplifying the development process and reducing the learning curve. 

Faster Time to Market and Lower Development Costs

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to launching HbbTV-enabled services. By adopting the ORB HbbTV solution supplied ready integrated with DVBCore and DSMCC, you can significantly reduce your time to market. Our comprehensive framework and pre-built components minimise the need for extensive research and development efforts, accelerating the deployment process and lowering development costs.  


Catch up TV is a feature of the DTKVit HbbTV solution

Catch up TV

Full EPG


Video on demand

Subtitles is a feature of the DTVKit Android TV solution



Interactive advertising

Royalty-Free Membership for Cost-Effective Implementation

As a DTVKit member, you can enjoy the benefits of our HbbTV solution without worrying about licensing fees. We offer a royalty-free membership that grants you access to a comprehensive suite of DVB software solutions, including our HbbTV solution. This cost-effective approach allows you to leverage HbbTV technology without additional financial burdens, maximising your return on investment. 

Enhanced Security and Flexibility for a Customised Experience

We understand the importance of security and flexibility in the modern television landscape. Our HbbTV solution addresses these concerns by providing a more secure environment for interactive applications. By utilising the latest browser technologies and industry-standard security protocols, we ensure the protection of viewers’ data and interactions. Moreover, our flexible architecture empowers you to tailor the user experience according to your specific requirements, providing a truly customised and engaging viewing experience.


Complies with industry standards

HbbTV is not only a global initiative, but it is also an industry standard. It is based on elements of existing standards and web technologies including OIPF, CEA, DVB, MPEG-DASH and W3C.

HbbTV gives you access to advanced services

Access to advanced services

Users have access to a variety of advanced services on their TV, via a single device. These advanced features consist of broader content from TV providers - ranging from traditional broadcast TV, video-on-demand and catch up TV.

Easy porting is a feature of the DTVKit HbbTV solution

Easy porting

This software allows for easy porting onto client hardware or third party software. This results in saving you time, meaning you can invest your time into other beneficial areas.