DVB is our core software; it forms the strong foundations that allow us to continue to expand our solution. Our solution has been crafted to DVB and DTG D-Book standards, and our code has been written in ANSI C programming language. Our solution combines all the elements needed for DTV devices for satellite, terrestrial and cable. The DTVKit software supports to integrate the components required to provide you with Digital Television for your set-top-box or TV.   


Our solution provides comprehensive support for music, video, TV, high definition (HD), MPEG-4, H.264, images, text and data necessary for both hybrid IPTV and HD receivers. Our software supports every mode of transmission, and each can be supplied in isolation or as a combination. DTVKit can offer support services for Conditional Access (CA) and PPV security systems. 

MPEG is a feature of the DTVKit DVB solution

MPEG-4 and H.264

Free to air is a feature of the DTVKit DVB solution

Free to air

HD is a feature of the DTVKit DVB solution

High definition

PPV is a feature of the DTVKit DVB solution

Pay per view

Images is a feature of the DTVKit DVB solution


video is a feature of the DTVKit DVB solution


DVB Infrastructure

DTVKit provides support for DVB within the DVB within the DVBCore standalone component. The DVB component then allows you to build other supported components, such as HbbTV, MHEG-5 and DSMCC, all of which are provided through the DTVKit source code. Other supported components with DVBCore are Conditional Access, CI+, full database module for NVM and RAM, OTA updates and a media framework. 

This is a diagram that shows the infrastructure of DVB


Experts have crafted our solution within the Digital TV industry; it has a series of benefits, that can save you time, money and resources. The wide range of features that this software component provides ensures that all the needs of your end-user are met. 

High quality

Our solution is completed to industry standards, approved by DVB and DTG D-Book, you can be reassured that you have access to the very-best production-ready DVB software.

DTVKit offers a range of support packages through our members, Ocean Blue Software

Faster time to market

Faster time to market Our solution will decrease your time to market; meaning that you have more time to invest in other areas. Therefore, you will be able to get a quality product ready while your competitors are still developing their solution.

Customisation is a benefit of the DTVKit solution


Our founding members Ocean Blue Software can provide you with skilled support from integration all the way through to certification.

Android TV is the future

Royalty-free model

DTVKit operates a royalty-free a business model allowing you to save money to invest in the enhancement of your end product.

Become a DTVKit member and have access to unlimited source code access

Unlimited source code

Once you become a DTVKit member, you get unlimited use of the source code, and you are free to use it how you like*.

Simple fee structure

Here at DTVKit, we like to keep things simple that is why we have an straightforward fee structure where there are no hidden costs along the way. Our pricing is a one-off joining fee of $15,000, and then $15,000 to be paid annually.