Members' Area

Welcome to the Members’ Area!

Here you have easy access to all the DTVKit resources including the wiki, source code         

 and Mantis our upstreaming tool.

Getting Started

Welcome to DTVKit, we are excited for you to be part of our member community! Please complete all of the following to ensure you can access the full range of DTVKit resources and services to get the most from our software and community.

Email your company logo to so we can add you to the members’ page of the website. 

DTVKit will need a contact from your business

Provide us with the name and email of the main contact in your organisation to keep well informed.

DTVKit will need the contact details of your finance team

Provide us with the name and email of the person in your organisation who is responsible for processing invoices.

Become a DTVKit member and have access to unlimited source code access

To gain access to the DTVKit software, we will need each member user to be set up on GitHub, the online repository where the software is stored. Register each user at

DTVKit offers a range of support packages through our members, Ocean Blue Software

Email your chosen GitHub Username, Name, Company and Position to We will then register each username to DTVKit’s GitHub.

Mantis is the tool we use for upstreaming changes to DTVKit.

Please email a list of all individuals that require access to Mantis to: Each user will receive an automatic email confirming the username, along with a link to set up their own password.

If you have any questions be sure to look at the DTVKit forum


We encourage all members to contribute to the Forum. It brings together many individuals from other companies to share views, challenges and ideas with each other. Once registered you can also subscribe to the notice topics to be updated by email about software releases, systems and maintenance.