DTVKit Pricing

Our pricing structure is simple with no hidden fees along the way.
This model allows our members to have access to all the latest software components at the best price within the industry. 


$ 15,000 Annually And a one-time joining fee of $15,000
  • Unlimited source code access
  • Elected seat on the DTVKit governing board​
  • Permanent seat on the DTVKit technical steering committee​
  • Unlimited royalty-free rights to distribute DTVKit software in binary form​
  • Rights to distribute the source code as part of members' own SDK to DTVKit members​

Support Packages

To ensure that the DTVKit software is implemented smoothly, our support members offer a range of support packages to ensure that you get expert help. 

Whether it is specialised engineering support, testing services or project management, an experienced engineer is on hand to help. 

Please note that the support package pricing is in addition to the yearly DTVKit membership fees and is not included in the membership fees.


$ 5,000 Annually
  • 30 hours of support
  • No training days


$ 10,000 Annually
  • 60 hours of support
  • No training days


$ 15,000 Annually
  • 80 hours of support
  • Two full days of training


If you have any questions regarding the DTVKit pricing, please fill out the enquiry form below, and one of our team will be in touch.

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