Our Story

DTVKit’s mission is to drive our member community to develop exceptional products and a profitable business by enabling the joint development of a shared pool of DVB software components. Collaborating across the consumer electronics industry, DTVKit benefits from a diverse range of members including SoC’s, OEM’s, OTT, CA vendors, set-top-box makers, and TV manufacturers. This is our story below…

DTVKit in Numbers

For 10 years, we have grown the community to over 25 members who are spread globally across 10+ countries. With 200 million devices powered worldwide by DTVKit software, we maintain an indelible mark on the global TV landscape. 

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10 Years of DTVKit

Our story began when Ocean Blue Software founded us in 2013.

A decade of pioneering innovation in digital television. The DTVKit Open Software Foundation Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, which means it has no shareholders and is not legally permitted to make a profit. DTVKit is run entirely for the benefit of its members supported by a Governing Board and Technical Steering Committee.

25+ worldwide members

We enable the joint development of a shared pool of software components, including DVBHbbTV, and CI Plus.

We operate a shared-source, royalty free business model where members collaborate & share development for common benefit & scale. Our member fees are reinvested into R&D meaning we have a solid technical roadmap aligned with industry standards and future trends.

The future and beyond

DTVKit looks forward to a future of continued growth and groundbreaking achievements for software excellence. Our ongoing commitment to providing the very best production-ready software is the core focus of everything we do.

We are dedicated to aligning with major platforms and OS including RTOS, Linux, RDK and AndroidTV, as well as being ported to all major chipsets through our global membership.

DTVKit Timeline