Hybrid broadcast broadband TV, HbbTV for short is a European digital TV standard and has transformed into a global initiative in the last five years. The end goal is to harmonise the broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment services to consumers through connected TV’s, set-top-boxes and multiscreen devices. This specification is based on elements of existing standards and a variety of web technologies.  

The ORB Project

The ORB project was started by our founding member OBS in 2020 and leverages the latest developments and innovations in browser technology. It is executed mainly in Javascript with a small number of reusable C++ components. The architecture maximises portability between both browsers and platforms and has so far been proven with both Chrome and Webkit based browsers on both Android and RDK platforms. To enquire about HbbTV please visit: The ORB Project

Catch up TV is a feature of the DTKVit HbbTV solution

Catch up TV

Full EPG


Video on demand

Subtitles is a feature of the DTVKit Android TV solution



Interactive advertising

HbbTV Infrastructure

This diagram shows the infrastructure of HbbTV


HbbTV has been deployed in over 36 countries and powers a total of 44 million devices worldwide. There is a reason why this global initiative is used so widely and that is because of the wide range of benefits that it provides.

Complies with industry standards

HbbTV is not only a global initiative, but it is also an industry standard. It is based on elements of existing standards and web technologies including OIPF, CEA, DVB, MPEG-DASH and W3C.

HbbTV gives you access to advanced services

Access to advanced services

Users have access to a variety of advanced services on their TV, via a single device. These advanced features consist of broader content from TV providers - ranging from traditional broadcast TV, video-on-demand and catch up TV.

Easy porting is a feature of the DTVKit HbbTV solution

Easy porting

This software allows for easy porting onto client hardware or third party software. This results in saving you time, meaning you can invest your time into other beneficial areas.