The MHEG component enables interactive services (Press Red Functionality) on digital TV devices for all transmission networks (DVB-T/S/C). The current standard is ETSI MHEG, which all the country profiles are generated. Furthermore, each country/operator defines their own profile to ensure that the devices deployed into the market can support features used by their MHEG applications. Country profiles  supported are Freeview-UK, Freeview-Australia, Freeview-New Zealand, TVB-Hong Kong, Saorview-Ireland and South Africa.


MHEG allows a wide range of TV-centric interactive services to be deployed, providing users with a range of features. The interactive services that are offered are news, weather services, home shopping, electronic programming guides (EPG), interactive advertising and games. HD is also available to ensure that users get the very best viewing experience possible.


Interactive games

Weather services

Interactive advertising

Full EPG


Home shopping

MHEG Infrastructure

This is a diagram showing the infrastructure of MHEG


MHEG offers a wide range of interactive services on digital TV devices for all transmission networks. Regular updates ensure that users have access to a current solution at all times. It is used globally by a number of countries, who have defined their country profile. 

MHEG is global

Deployed globally

MHEG's interactive TV middleware has been implemented in Freeview and Freesat in the UK, Freeview in New Zealand, TVB in Hong Kong, Freeview in Australia, Saorview in Ireland and South Africa.

DTVKit offers a range of support packages through our members, Ocean Blue Software

Faster time to market

Our solution will decrease your time to market; meaning that you have more time to invest in other areas. Therefore, you will be able to develop a quality product whilst your competitors are left behind.

Automatic channel update

MHEG allows the broadcaster to allocate the channel settings on the receiver. This automatic update ensures that channels are always up to date with your favourite shows and channels.

DTVKit solution is royalty free

Royalty-free model

DTVKit operates a royalty-free business model allowing you to save money, which you can invest in enhancing your end product.

Free to air is a feature of the DTVKit DVB solution

Positive user experience

MHEG offers users a variety of interactive features, which enhances consumers TV usage. These features can also be provided in HD to ensure that users get the best possible viewing experience.

Simple fee structure

Here at DTVKit, we like to keep things simple that is why we have a simple fee structure where there are no hidden costs along the way. Our pricing is a one-off joining fee of $15,000, and then $15,000 to be paid annually.