ABOX42 partners with Singularity

TV-everywhere Solution

Germany-based set-top box supplier ABOX42 has teamed up with US-based TV technology outfit Singularity to market a joint TV-everywhere solution for the US, Canadian and South and Central American markets.

ABOX42 has integrated its Smart STB platform with Singularity’s HTML5-based middleware to support IPTV and OTT multiscreen services with features including live, catch-up, restart, and on-demand TV.

Canadian ISP Comwave have already rolled out the joint solution. ABOX42 plans to demonstrate the offering at the forthcoming CTIconnect, WEC 2018, WISPAMERICA and Mobile World Congress shows.

The US Market

“The trends and requirements for watching TV nowadays are changing at a rapid pace. The North American market is facing massive disruption by new service providers and OTT players. This is forcing many U.S. operators to reshape their TV strategy. By partnering with ABOX42, we are able to provide operators with an all-in-one solution for providing next-generation TV services. The ABOX42 and Singularity solution is both innovative and flexible, offering modern, feature-rich capabilities that allow operators to answer the growing consumer demand for TV on every screen,” said Matt Ailts, president of Singularity.

“The solution we have created with Singularity offers TV operators a quick and easy integration process in their own environment as well as in the existing environment of end-users. With a future-proof, compelling solution like this, operators and other content providers can reduce churn, gain new customers, and capitalize on new revenue sources,” said Matthias Greve, CEO and founder of ABOX42.

Source: DTVE 

*ABOX42 are members of DTVKit 



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