DTVKit 2018 Overview


DTVKit has had a very busy 2018, so we wanted to reflect on our achievements this year, and take a minute to see how far we have progressed. We want to say thank you to our members and partners for their continued support.

This year we completed a huge milestone when Ocean Blue Software integrated DTVKit into Android using the TV Input Framework (TIF). This became available to our members in March. We are still continuously researching and developing for DVB in Android, so keep your eyes peeled for more Android news in 2019!

Android was not the only big news to occur in March; Ocean Blue Software was also busy working hard on implementing CI Plus 1.4 ECP making this available to the DTVKit community. The CI Plus 1.4 ECP was designed to provide improved levels of security and robustness for the protection of premium UHD content.

In September we were very excited to be collaborating with HARMAN and Ocean Blue Software to accelerate the development and introduction of Android TV-based products. This collaboration aimed to assist our members from integration all the way through to certification.

DTVKit, HARMAN and Ocean Blue Software collaboration

DTVKit was involved in another collaboration in September; this was with members: ACCESS, EKT and HiSilicon. We cooperated to launch a customisable set-top-box platform to enable operators and middleware to design any service for content to be delivered to the household TV.

ACCESS, DTVKit, EKT and HiSilicon collaboration

September was a busy month for DTVKit, particularly with jetting off to Amsterdam for IBC. This IBC was a change for us as we had a meeting room for the first time, which was made available to any DTVKit member. The meeting room gave us the opportunity to catch up with current members and meet with prospective members. Within the meeting room, we had a range of demos to showcase, including:

  • SAORVIEW running on DTVKit
  • Inview Technology user interface running on Montage Technology chip, with DTVKit middleware
  • Android Google TV Services (GTVS) running on HiSilicon
  • DTVKit integrated with Android TV (GTVS) and HbbTV from partner SERAPHIC, running on Broadcom

Overall the meeting room was a success, and we enjoyed having the opportunity to have our own space and to be able to showcase our demos.

DTVKit IBC Meeting Room

This year we have also gained four new members, helping to collaborate and innovate with the community, we are very excited to be growing the DTVKit Open Software Foundation each year.

We are very proud of all our achievements in 2018, and we are looking ahead to 2019 for making more developments and continuing to improve DTVKit.

We would like to wish all of our members and prospective members a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.



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