HbbTV sees increase in the number of viewers from Czech Republic

Over 2 million Czech viewers now use HbbTV.  The majority of the viewers are based in the capital, Prague.

Quoting the findings of a study undertaken by the national commercial broadcaster FTV Prima, Parabola reports that there are currently 1.06 million receivers in the Czech Republic connected to HbbTV, or double the number a year ago.

In addition, the study, which looked at 60,000 households, showed that an average of 2.06 viewers used each receiver. This implied that the Red Button, regarded in the country as the entry point to HbbTV, was used by over 2 million viewers.

According to data from the national transmission company CRa, quoted by Parabola, Prague currently accounts for 20.5% of active HbbTV devices, followed by South Moravia (11.75%) and Central Bohemia (10.7%).

Source: Broadband TV News



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