EKT shows over 10 different middleware and user experiences on a single STB

EKT a company specialising in the design and manufacture of Set Top Box solutions will show a full range of Middleware and User Interface options on a single platform this NAB.

“Whether it is a price sensitive IPTV/OTT solution or a 4K hybrid future ready product, our low level HTML5 middleware, solidTV, makes the porting of 3rd party HTML5 portals and user interfaces to many different platforms a 1 time event” says Richard Smith, CEO or EKT. He continues “this NAB we will demo over 10 completely different user experiences and market solutions on a single Set Top Box platform. This is how we give our customers real flexibility and ready to deploy options”

EKT’s proprietary low level HTML5  middleware is developed in Europe by the German and Greek teams. The unique combination of a full range of hardware with a future proof software layer makes deployment to any current or future network as easy as it gets.

Marc Zielke, General manager of solidTV says: “The latest integration of the Access browser and our modular software approach makes solidTV a truly flexible and powerful software layer on top of which Middleware parties, User Interface specialists or HTML5 App builders can port their solution. Once it is ported, it is then available on all our platforms.”

EKT’s platforms come ready as IPTV/OTT or Hybrid with practically any CAS on top of DVB/ISDB-T integrations. Combined with virtually and DRM, TR-069 and other advanced features, the EKT product is ready to be deployed in practically any environment.

EKT will demonstrate their solutions during the NAB in Las Vegas (April 9-12) on Booth SU11102CM.

Source: EKT 

EKT have been a valuable member of DTVKit since 2014.



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