Original Roku TV and Video content in the pipeline?

It is thought that Roku is planning to create its own in-house content,

including original TV shows and movies.

How do we know?

According to a recent job listing shared by the company on LinkedIn (via Protocol). Roku said it is looking for a lead production attorney to “work on its expanding slate of original content,” including “original episodic and feature-length productions”.

Currently, Roku doesn’t make any original programming. It recently acquired Quibi’s content, giving access to a library of original shows. Plus it has The Roku Channel, an ad-supported streaming service with access to third-party TV shows, movies, and live news. But Roku itself has yet to get into the content production business.

What does this mean for Roku?

Roku’s various hardware competitors, including Amazon and Apple, all make their own original TV shows and movies. Let’s not forget that practically every streaming service, from Netflix to Disney+ and Hulu, all have in-house production arms as well. To better rival all these heavyweights, Roku likely sees original programming as the next big frontier for it to conquer.

It will be a while before Roku announces anything, considering it’s only in the production attorney-hiring phase, but it’s still exciting, nonetheless. It’s also unclear if this new content will be exclusive to The Roku Channel. 

Source: Pocket-lint

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