Skardin and ALi increase NAGRA NOCS3-certified STB shipments in South America

Skardin and ALi increase NAGRA NOCS3-certified STB shipments in South America

ALi Corporation and Skardin have announced that they have reached a record amount of high shipments of the NAGRA NOCS (Nagra-on-chip Security) – certified secure STBs for the South American operators in 2018. The milestone represents the joint effort and commitment to meeting today’s Pay TV security standards, and further highlights the strong dedication within this regional market.

ALi Corporation has established long-term cooperation with NAGRA, since its secure chipset first received NAGRA NOCS certification dated back in 2013. Integrated with the NOCS3, ALi’s STB chipsets have been recognised within the industry for the advanced security needed for today’s Pay TV industry. With a well-recognised level of security, ALI and Skardin can meet the security standard required by 1st tier operators.

South America is currently a rapid-growing market. For example, by Q1 2018, Pay TV in the Andean region records an annual growth of 5.5%. Also, there are 1.78 million Pay TV households in the western area of South America by records in March, 2018.

“ALi has a long-established history working with NAGRA and Skardin. First, we meet the NAGRA NOCS3 security standard in order to offer operators the confidence and security in the deployment of our STB chipsets”, said Willis Chang, Vice President of ALi Corporation. “Secondly, Skardin has always been a reliable partner in the ODM manufacturing of STB and software support. Thus, this shipment milestone to 1st tier South American operators means significantly to our joint effort and dedication in Pay TV industry”.

“The joint effort of our ODM capability and the NOCS-certified STB SoCs from ALi is critical in this milestone. Skardin has proven records in STB manufacturing and development of value-added software. In fact, we are the first in the production with ALi and NAGRA NOCS3 to meet the Pay TV demands for South American operators”, said Alessandro Bassi, CMO of Skardin.

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