Portugal’s NOS STBs and remotes powered by Nuance voice technology

8th June 2016


Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) have announced that its Dragon TV voice recognition will be integrated into NOS’s next generation set top boxes and remote controls, alongside multiscreen services and applications for iOS and Android.

From this month, NOS’s subscribers will be able to speak to their TV or remote control to search for virtually anything including programs, movies, actors and actresses, favourite genres, sports and any other category of preferred content. The new product line will provide an intuitive, quick way for viewers to explore, instead of navigating manually through program guides, menus or interactive content.

Nuance’s Dragon TV voice platform gives service operators and manufacturers the ability to easily integrate and deliver a seamless user experience for smart and connected TVs making it faster and easier to find shows, programs, and On-Demand content just by speaking. Leveraging both embedded and cloud-based technologies, Nuance’s technology integration sits directly on a remote, TV or set top box – fully customizable across more than 40 languages, and is extensible across the Internet of Things ecosystem for a fully voice-enabled connected home experience.

“Voice provides a very natural, accessible way to communicate with NOS’s service that provides consumers with seemingly endless content. We’re very pleased to work with Nuance to deliver an end-to-end solution for conversational entertainment discovery, which also delivers a personalized entertainment experience through innovative solutions and technology,” says Pedro Bandeira, NOS Development Director.

“With half a billion connected TVs in use around the world today – that are also connected to shows, games, music and other content, simplifying the interface becomes vital. If you can’t find it, you can’t experience it. By integrating voice technology directly to the set top box and remote control, NOS can create a more powerful user interface for users to find what they’re looking for in seconds,” says Kenn Harper, vice president of devices and ecosystem, Nuance Mobile.

Nuance’s Dragon TV can be found across some of the most popular connected TV and content experiences on the market.