Skardin, ALi, and Voxtok collaborate

Voxtok, an innovative music entertainment platform provider for audio and TV industries, is proud to announce that Skardin, a leading consumer electronics manufacturing company specialising in set-top box and broadband industry solutions, has joined the platform ecosystem by adopting a Voxtok innovation called Smart Sound Bar, a new connected audio device that merges TV and Music. Skardin’s new product is also the first in its line to be powered by ALi STB chipsets.

Smart Sound Bar merges the functionality of a set-top box with that of a multi-room sound bar, offering seamless hardware and software integration. This is first in a series of sound products being developed by Skardin and Voxtok, powered by ALi’s high-performance architecture chipsets. The new platform will offer a unique and enriched user experience in a compact design.

“As a believer in the convergence of TV and audio, Skardin has invested and is committed to bringing innovative new TV/audio solutions to the market,” says Alessandro Bassi, CMO of Skardin. “We are pleased that this first solution is the result of tight collaboration with Voxtok and ALi Corporation, enabling our new All-In-One Multi Tuners and Multi-Room Hybrid Sound Base system.”

“Voxtok is deeply involved with the smart merging of TV, video, and music,” adds Joel Reboul, CEO of Voxtok. “We have leveraged our industry experience and technologies to bring several breakthrough solutions to the TV and audio markets. We are proud to be involved with the Smart Sound Bar, combining our expertise with that of our partners Skardin and ALi. The result is a compact and cost-effective device that offers users with a consistent cross-content experience.”

Voxtok, Skardin, and ALi worked together on product development. Skardin provided its set-top box board and firmware; ALi supplied its chipset and SDK; and Voxtok empowered the new hybrid TV/audio device with and its applications.

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