EKT is making 4K the standard

EKT, DTVKit member and a specialist in the design and manufacturing of Set Top Box solutions, modems and Smart TVs for Operators, is launching a complete range of 4K solutions.

The IBC, EKT is making sure everyone can get ready for 4K. In addition to the new 4K Linux platform, it will also demonstrate Android solutions and a brand new 4K Operator TV.

New 4K, UHD, HEVC, HDR Linux platform

Developed on the next generation UHD platform, EKT has ported its solidTV STB middleware delivering all its pre-integrated solution for IP, OTT as well as Hybrid STB needs. This means that from now on, m any existing or new customer looking for a future ready product can opt for a 4K platform to ensure the longevity of their investments.

The good news is that, through its cost effective design principles, EKT has managed to create a solution with only a little cost uplift from the existing HD solutions it is shipping today.

Richard Smith, EKT’s CEO says: “Our goal is always to deliver something better for our customers. We were tempted to launch a 4K range last year, but believed that both the chipsets and the market were not ready for it. Now we have the confidence we can deliver a future-proof solution ensuring the best investment for our customers.”

New 4K, UHD, HEVC, HDR Android platform

In addition to its Linux platform, EKT is also launching a range of Android operator STB solutions. Built with a truly powerful 15000 DMIPS SoC, EKT delivers an Operator quality and featured Android STB.

With EKT’s vast experience in IPTV/OTT and DVB, EKT has the expertise to bring an Android project to a success in an operator environment. With most major CAS systems ready for deployment within a few months, now is the right time to talk to EKT about the pros and cons of an Android deployment in your network.

Richard Smith commented: “At EKT we say, “we listen to and understand our customers better.” We have had many discussions with our customers and partners on the virtues of Android. And with the latest developments like the operator tier certification programme, we see that Android is showing its commitments to the operator market. Based on this, EKT has created a comprehensive Android platform and offer our customers the best in Android IPTV/OTT and as well as Hybrid.

New 4K, UHD, HEVC, HDR operator TV

On the back of the launch of the Operator TV last year, EKT has now created an upgraded version of its ground breaking platform with a 4K / UHD Operator TV. Available in various sizes, this SmartTV is a perfect addition to the content delivery strategy of any operator wanting to differentiate themselves from the rest with a truly compelling customer offer.

“We say: EKT delivers better value to its customers. The consumers demand to have a 4K TV now and the technologies are available to deliver this to our customers in a cost effective manner. We see it our job to help our customers combat the ongoing pressures in this market and the Operator TV is a great tool in the marketing mix to offer something new and compelling”.



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