Hassle Free controls for Linux devices using Raspberry Pi

24th June 2016


A Latvian developer has created a smart and simple control interface for Linux devices which can be embedded Raspberry Pi designs.

Named pyLCI, the software framework runs on the Raspberry Pi as long as it is connected to a suitable display and will control and configure a Linux system in headless mode.

According to Arsenijs, this can be done without having to SSH in, use a command line, change any configuration files directly, or search for suitable UART adapters.

pyLCI runs on the module and provides the screen and buttons to pyLCI “apps”, which in their turn interface with the OS. It also provides a set of controls and elements for the apps to use, much like the GUI frameworks used to develop desktop and mobile applications.

Writing on his blog, developer Arsenijs says: “I had a lot of problems with controlling my Raspberry Pi devices – connecting them to networks is often a catch-22. I hate web-interfaces when all I need is no more than a simple menu with some buttons to navigate it. I like simple interfaces, and when I make my own projects, I want something simple to control their behaviour. This project aims to bring “simple, cheap and powerful” to our Linux boards and our projects.”

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