ABOX42 will unveil new STB with built-in Smart Home Gateway at IBC 2016

17th August 2016



ABOX42 will be announcing its new Smart STB platform M30 at IBC show in Amsterdam next month.

The Internet of Things gateway for Smart home devices has been developed for advanced operator projects worldwide. With the new M30 SmartSTB, the operator can combine classical TV services with new Smart Home services. Offering new Smart Home services will provide the operator additional revenue streams beside the core TV product and will help to reduce churn among existing customer base.

About the M30 Smart Home Gateway

M30 contains a radio package to communicate with the latest standards required for connecting sensors in the home. The M30 communication interfaces support supports Thread, RF4CE and Wi-Fi extensions. In addition the radio package supports the latest ZigBee 3.0 standard. ”

With support of all major communication technologies M30 can connect to all kind of in home sensors including Door/Window Open detection, Smoke-, Fire-, Gas-sensors, Water leak detector, Motion sensor and Lights bulbs. Via Wi-Fi the M30 can control sensors like cameras with optional microphone and speaker functionality. In order to provide state-of-art security and privacy for the home user, the M30 provides advanced built-in security and encrypted data transmission to the ABOX42 cloud services.

With a performance of 5000 DMIPS and a dual core ARM process the M30 is a very powerful Smart STB and at the same time one of the most powerful Smart Home gateways. The built-In secure software lifecycle management system of ABOX42 makes it a solid platform upgradable to future Smart Home Services.

Alongside the M30 SmartSTB, ABOX42 offers a range of SaaS / Cloud IoT backend services to communicate with the gateway, to collect sensor data, to aggregate and securely store the sensor data. On top of these SaaS services a whole range of Smart Home Solutions can be implemented. ”

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