YouView launches its next-generation user experience

23rd November 2016




UK connected TV platform YouView today announces a milestone in its history, with the complete redesign and re-engineering of its entire platform to make it respond quickly to the fast-changing needs and tastes of TV viewers, advertisers and partners.

The transformation is enabled by YouView’s bold move to the Cloud, making the company one of just a handful of TV platforms in the world to do this – and the first broadcast platform of scale in the UK to fully embrace the technology across the whole platform and device base.

Over the coming months a new simpler, more streamlined and image-led interface, rendered in HTML 5, will rollout across the UK to YouView’s 2.5m homes. Every set top box provided by YouView’s shareholder partners TalkTalk and BT – as well as all original devices bought by retail customers since its launch in 2012 – will be upgraded.

The Next-Gen release will also enable YouView to better understand how viewers use their set top boxes. Insight as to how consumers discover and choose content, combined with traditional viewing data, gives YouView the ability to refine, enhance and personalise the user experience in the near future.

Richard Halton, CEO of YouView, says: “This is just the beginning of a whole new chapter for YouView and for our shareholders, content partners, their advertisers and our viewers. We believe great content deserves the best experience and by the time this rollout is completed, every YouView box will feel like a whole new product, which will continuously improve.

“Our move to the Cloud gives us the opportunity to make large scale changes, add functionality and enhance features in days or weeks, rather than the months or years it can take for other traditional TV platforms to do the same.

“Having worked in close collaboration with our shareholders, particularly with BT and TalkTalk, our Next-Gen platform can rapidly adapt to the changing tastes and TV demands of future viewers, all without the need for a new set top box.”

The move follows other recent YouView milestones including launching Europe’s first Ultra HD set top box and the UK’s first 4k streamed channel, having pioneered the new BBC’s Red Button+ Service and a ground-breaking partnership with Sony TV.

YouView’s Chief Technology Officer Nick Thexton adds: “YouView’s re-engineering of the entire platform and harnessing the capabilities of Cloud technology paves the way for cross-device innovation – allowing us to rapidly adopt enhanced mobile and app technology – as well as enabling multi-room viewing in the future.”