Amazon Opens up FireTV Interface and Alexa voice control for TV and DVR

5th January 2017





Several manufacturers will be showcasing these features on new models of TV at this week’s CES. Functionality will include the ability to handle over the air and streamed content including the Amazon Fire TV Experience and and support for a voice remote with Amazon Alexa.

TV and display manufacturers Seiki, Westinghouse Electronics and Element Electronics have announced a new line of 4K ultra HD smart TVs, called Amazon Fire TV Edition.

In the operator world, US Company DISH have also announced direct compatibility with Amazon Alexa. From the first half of this year, DISH customers will be able to pair their Hopper DVR with Amazon’s Echo or Echo Dot voice controlled devices to get a hands-free experience from their TV. 

Users will be able to ask Alexa to navigate, search and play TV content on a broadband-connected Hopper DVR based on channel, title, actor and genre.

“Amazon is excited to be working with DISH to develop an Alexa skill that offers a hands-free television experience, expanding the ways that our customers can use Alexa devices like Amazon Echo to make their lives easier,” said Rob Pulciani, director, Amazon Alexa.

Commenting on the new Amazon Fire TV Edition deals, Marc Whitten, vice president, Amazon Fire TV said: “Teaming up with brands including Seiki, Westinghouse and Element on a new range of smart TVs allows Amazon to deliver an experience that’s familiar and easy to use.”

“Fire TV Edition offers access to a great selection of streaming and over-the-air TV and movies, Alexa for easy voice search and content control, and the many other features and experiences customers have come to expect from the best-selling line of Amazon Fire TV products.”

Seiki and Westinghouse will demonstrate the new 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs – Amazon Fire TV Edition for the first time in Las Vegas at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show.