Turkey making rapid headway with HbbTV

13th January 2017





Various broadcasters in Turkey have begun to use the HbbTV platform and services provided by Castoola and its local representative Broadcast Muhendislik Ltd.

The platform has been permitted for channels including Show TV, BloombergHT, Haberturk, NTV, Star TV and TV8, whose intention is to measure the reach of their audience, with other Turkish TV channels soon set to follow.

In a further milestone, Castoola (as the HbbTV platform), Broadcast Muhendislik Ltd (as system integrator), Adform (full stack ad-tech platform), Yapi Kredi (as advertiser) and Show TV joined forces in launching the first HbbTV programmatic advertising campaign in Turkey. 

The campaign was based on an advertising format called “Switch-in Superbanner”, with a goal to reach 400.000 impressions through programmatic RTB.

Due to the very high number of HbbTV viewers on the Turkish market, the goal was reached in less than four hours spread across four time slots between 28th December and 5th January.

Commenting on the development, Selami Celebiouglu, CEO of Broadcast Muhedislik Ltd, said: ‘’This is a historic milestone, crucial for further development of highly potential HbbTV services and advertising industry in Turkey. Success of the first advertising campaign on Turkish ground is even more important considering the effort required to match all relevant stakeholders and technology providers around this campaign.”

Uros Zizek, CEO of Castoola, added: “First programmatic HbbTV advertising campaign in Turkey is very clear and positive indicator of worldwide importance of HbbTV technology for the future of digital television and interactive services on top of it. Technology by itself was standardised and approved years ago, while a question for broadcasters and TV operators is still how to maximise the outcome with its help. Programmatic advertising can be crucial in reaching the right balance between interactive broadcast-related services and advertising as an additional revenue stream.”