Amlogic finalises integration of Widevine CAS on Android TV

Proud DTVKit member and  Google system-on-chip (SoC) partner Amlogic, have successfully integrated and verified Widevine CAS on the Android TV platform.

With Amlogic’s 4K STB platform solutions running Android 9 Pie, Amlogic’s customers can design high performance, and affordable Android STBs integrated with Widevine CAS to secure premium content. Google is offering its Widevine CAS to industry partners without any licensing or royalty fees; this results in providing operators with a robust system to protect their content and take advantage of new business models.

“As more consumers demand 4K streaming content, operators are faced with the challenge of securing their content. We’ve worked closely with Widevine to ensure our FHD and 4K STB platform solutions are fully compliant with Widevine CAS so operators can design with confidence that their content is protected and generate new revenue streams,” said James Xie, vice president of corporate business strategy for Amlogic. “Amlogic’s innovative solutions pair high-quality 4K resolution streaming with an innovative design that requires less DRAM and substantially lowering production costs to make high-quality 4K resolution more accessible to consumers around the world.”

“Widevine CAS was designed to empower next-generation video operators with a free-to-use solution within the pay-TV infrastructure, making it easier to leverage standards-based solutions for content protection,” said Brian Baker, senior director and a head of Widevine at Google. “At Google, we have witnessed Amlogic’s continued dedication and engineering leadership in Widevine CAS integrations. Because of this, we are pleased to have Amlogic, a leading innovator and promoter within the Widevine CAS ecosystem. This is the beginning of a long relationship with Amlogic and we look forward to seeing even more operators bring to market innovative and affordable Android TV STBs that bring consumers the latest shows, movies and more.”

Following Google’s release of Android 9 Pie (Android P) in August, Amlogic announced it successfully integrated Android 9 Pie into its S905X SoC-powered 1G4K Android TV STB platform. Amlogic continues to integrate Android 9 Pie into other industry-leading 4K platform solutions.

Amlogic supports its ODM and operator partners to demonstrate Widevine CAS test streams at the APAC Android TV Summit 2018, taking place Nov. 13-15, 2018, at the Berkeley Hotel Pratunam in Bangkok.

Source: Amlogic 



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