EKT, ST Engineering iDirect, EasyBroadcast present SKYflow, the Industry’s First Native IP over Satellite Ecosystem

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Native IP over Satellite

EKT, EasyBroadcast and ST Engineering iDirect are collaborating on SKYflow, a cutting-edge multicast ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) ecosystem. The ecosystem presents cost-effective, ultra-fast, low latency delivery of live video to mobile devices and large screens alike for global audiences. SKYflow now opens the door for many use cases that require satellite delivery of OTT services.


The ecosystem is hugely significant for service providers and telcos that in the past have struggled to reach subscribers and have had to contend with congested networks. It confirms that satellite is the ideal medium to deliver this content due to its capability to transport high bitrates to the edge, its multicasting performance and smart pre-positioning of content at the edge.


This has far-reaching implications as it means that content delivery will not be limited to media and entertainment but will also enable educational institutions to reach their students; healthcare providers to offer telemedicine services; mobility markets to deliver video on the move and distribution of video to the consumer and households that may not have a computer but do have a television.

The SKYflow Ecosystem

The SKYflow ecosystem was recently demonstrated during a DVB Project event where the team successfully showcased the origination, transport, reception and consumption of live OTT video over satellite in a completely seamless way, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The delivery of Native IP over satellite creates a range of possibilities for mobile and multi-room viewing, education video distribution and network cost savings.


The fruition of the ecosystem is the result of intense collaboration and months of work by the four companies, with each playing a critical role.

The collaboration has resulted in an ecosystem for efficient satellite distribution to a range of terminals which can be transmit-only (via a Set Top Box) all the way to very performant high bandwidth and bi-directionally connected remote Points of Presence using a VSAT platform that takes care of the video applications running over it.


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About EKT: EKT delivers tomorrow’s Set Top Box, today. Our global team do it better than the anyone else in the area Set Top Boxes as well as ODM design. Together with our partners we offer a better service and create more value for all parties with a low environmental impact. We deliver you exactly what you want: future proof solutions in Set Top Box Zappers, Connected Devices or ODM design, directly or as a key member of a partnership. Delivering a wide range from Zapper to Advanced Hybrid Boxes, EKT is one of the few business partners that offer a true 1 stop solution for Operators. Certified and integrated with many CA, DRM, Middlewares and licenses, EKT is a partner of choice for many tier 1 operators around the world. Visit www.EKT-Digital.com for more information.


About Easy Broadcast: EasyBroadcast is a technology startup that solves some of the most critical challenges in OTT streaming: high distribution costs and quality issues such as startup time and latency. Using our end-to-end OTT streaming solution, broadcasters, TV channels, MVPDs, video service providers, enterprises, and educational institutions can reliably deliver high-quality video and audio content over the internet or private networks. We’re pushing the envelope of innovation with our patented Viewer-Assisted Delivery technology. Our solution enables each viewer to contribute to the delivery infrastructure by streaming the content segment they are watching to other viewers. This improves the quality of streaming, reduces churn and increases viewer satisfaction, leading to more time spent watching content. EasyBroadcast also reduces infrastructure costs and CDN dependency. We are the proud recipient of several technology patents and industry awards. EasyBroadcast was founded in January 2016 in Nantes, France, by Soufiane Rouibia. Today we have offices in Paris and San Francisco.


About ST Engineering: ST Engineering iDirect, a subsidiary of ST Engineering -, is a global leader in satellite communications (satcom) providing technology and solutions that enable its customers to expand their business, differentiate their services and optimize their satcom networks. Through the merger with Newtec, a recognized industry pioneer, the combined business unites over 35 years of innovation focused on solving satellite’s most critical economic and technology challenges and expands a shared commitment to shaping the future of how the world connects. The product portfolio, branded under the names iDirect and Newtec, represents the highest standards in performance, efficiency and reliability, making it possible for its customers to deliver the best satcom connectivity experience anywhere in the world. ST Engineering iDirect is the world’s largest TDMA enterprise VSAT manufacturer and is the leader in key industries including broadcast, mobility and military/government. In 2007, iDirect Government was formed to better serve the U.S. government and defense communities. For more information on our platforms please visit www.idirect.net.


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