IBC 2023: A Show of Numbers, Realities, and Industry Reflections

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) is an annual event that stands as a cornerstone of the media and technology industry. It’s a time when pioneers, visionaries, and leaders from around the world gather to showcase innovations, forge connections, and chart the future of media technology. IBC 2023, held at the RAI Amsterdam from September 15th to 18th, was no exception. However, this year’s event held a mirror to the industry, reflecting both its vibrant energy and the harsh market realities it faces.

Record-Breaking Attendance and Exhibitors

With a record-breaking 43,065 attendees from 170 countries and over 1,250 exhibitors, IBC 2023 painted a bustling picture. It was a testament to the industry’s resilience and its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of media technology. Attendees from across the globe descended upon the exhibition halls, ready to explore the latest innovations and engage in meaningful conversations.

Celebrating a Decade of Innovation at IBC 2023

At IBC 2023, we were thrilled to mark a significant milestone – DTVKit’s 10th anniversary. Our dedicated stand showcased recent developments including HbbTV 2.0.3 and RDK TV from our founding member OBS. A decade of innovation and collaboration that has played a meaningful role in shaping the digital television landscape. As a leading industry player, our participation in IBC underscored our ongoing commitment to excellence, and our dedication to providing the very latest DVB software to our community.

Building Stronger Connections

What distinguishes DTVKit is not just our history, but also our vibrant and supportive community. Throughout IBC 2023, we had the privilege of engaging in enriching meetings with our valued members. These interactions went beyond business; they highlighted the relationships we’ve fostered over the years. 

Perception vs. Reality

One of the most striking takeaways from IBC 2023 was the disconnect between perception and market reality. Many companies reported a “great show” filled with meetings and enthusiastic booth visitors. The show floor buzzed with activity, giving the impression of a thriving industry. But, it was evident that deals are becoming harder to secure, budgets elusive, and companies face the relentless challenge of cost-efficiency, sustainability and customer retention.

Bright Spots and Emerging Trends

IBC 2023 had its share of encouraging highlights:


– New exhibitors brought fresh perspectives and ideas.

– Virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR) demonstrations gained momentum, thanks in part to Apple’s Vision Pro.

– Progress continued in the realm of 5G, promising a future of lightning-fast connectivity.

– Media providers explored new frontiers, including the integration of gaming services into TV platforms.

– The resurgence of connected and smart cars created a buzz as companies vied for control of in-vehicle infotainment experiences.

– Several exhibitors and products stood out, showcasing innovation and potential.

The Big TV Switch-Off and Industry Evolution

Amid the excitement, there’s a looming reality the industry must address —the “big TV switch-off.” The shift towards an all IP-driven streaming future poses significant challenges and opportunities. As TV migrates to being mostly delivered by IP this poses questions as the volume of broadband traffic increases; who will pay for the investment needed to maintain and improve the infrastructure? Also, should there be a model to move some of that infrastructure cost either to the Operator or user?

A Positive Increase in Attendees

Despite the complex landscape, a 16% increase in attendees compared to the previous year was a positive sign. The busiest days for us were Saturday and Sunday, with a noticeable drop-off on Monday. Friday seemed unusually quiet but perhaps because attendees chose to travel on Friday instead of the day before. It’s clear that IBC remains a superb networking event, providing valuable connections and insights.

Evolving for the Future

In conclusion, IBC 2023 was a showcase of numbers, realities, and reflections. It celebrated innovation while reminding us that the industry’s path forward is not without its challenges. As the media and technology landscape evolves, so too must IBC, embracing change to remain at the forefront of media innovation.



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