Looking back at DTVKit achievements in 2017

What a year it has been for DTVKit!

We look back at our achievements in 2017 in no particular order, thanks to the support of our members and partners:

New Website and branding

We unveiled a brand new identity, including a logo and website for DTVKit, aiming to better illustrate our software community and the organisation’s mission to deliver the very best production-ready DVB software for members and the end user.

Launched support and training packages

At DTVKit our commitment to our members has been further highlighted by launching support and training packages through our partner network. Providing our members with exceptional support and guidance, including:

  • The integration of DTVKit into your current environment
  • Porting DTVKit components
  • Full product and compliance testing
  • Developing new features which are not currently part of DTVKit, but are a requirement of an individual project.

Integration with ACCESS Browser

DTVKit’s collaboration with ACCESS offers open standards-based solutions to the connected entertainment industry. ACCESS demonstrated our joint solutions supporting HbbTV, HTML5, Freeview Play 2017 at IBC 2017.

Integration with Android TV “O”

Very exciting development at DTVKit HQ, we will keep you posted with official press release coming in January!

Four new Members

We welcome four new members this year, who will be officially announced in January.

Full Voxtok integration for HbbTV

Voxtok HbbTV SDK is the first up-to-date royalty-free HbbTV open-source implementation for Chrome. It can be deployed without any restrictions, supporting HbbTV 1.5 and 2.0 specifications. DTVKit made this SDK part of our environment, enabling members to access the Voxtok Music ecosystem and portfolio.

*Voxtok has recently been acquired by Netgem who relies on HbbTV standards as part of its core offering

Sponsor of HbbTV forum in Rome

Back in October we were honoured to sponsor the HbbTV Symposium – a 2-day conference bringing us up to date with the latest in HbbTV developments – a topic that features a lot in the development of DTVKit software. You can read the overview here live from the event.

Looking to the future in 2018

We will publish the 2018 Roadmap here in January which has been created by the DTVKit Technical Steering Committee and will be finalised by the Governing Board.



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