Vantiva Hits a Milestone with 22 Million Android TV Set-Top Boxes Shipped Worldwide

Innovating with Android TV Adoption

Vantiva, a global leader in technology solutions for Network Service Providers (NSPs), proudly announces the shipment of 22 million Android TV™ powered set-top boxes (STBs) as of the latest count, consolidating its position with a robust 25% market share in this segment globally, based on the recent Omdia STB 3Q23 report.

Leading the Evolution - User-Friendly Experience

Since the inception of Android TV, Vantiva has been at the forefront, continually enhancing the user experience with over 30 upgrades and securing the most certifications from top streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. The journey began in 2015 with the introduction of SVELTE, followed by the groundbreaking JADE in 2020, equipped with Google Assistant for seamless voice control.


The year 2022 marked another milestone with the launch of SOUNDSCAPE, a recipient of the CSI Innovation Award, seamlessly integrating a STB and soundbar into a single device.

Shalini Govil-Pai, Vice President of TV at Google, acknowledges Vantiva’s pivotal role in extending the Android TV experience globally, stating, “Vantiva has been a significant backer in bringing the Android TV experience to customers around the world,”


In tandem with the evolution of Android TV, Vantiva has been instrumental in the development and deployment of the Google Common Broadcast Stack software platform since 2020. This platform enables NSPs to amalgamate traditional broadcast streams and conditional access systems (CAS) with over-the-top (OTT) services, simplifying complexities and enriching the viewing experience for subscribers.


Leopold Diouf, Senior Vice President of the product division at Vantiva, emphasizes the transformative impact of Android TV, stating, “Android TV represents a profound shift for consumers and NSPs by delivering a unified, user-friendly platform with advanced features, such as voice search and content personalization, transforming TVs into smart, versatile entertainment hubs”. Vantiva’s commitment to innovation extends to its NaviGate IQ™ app, offering valuable insights into consumer viewing habits through data analytics and machine learning.


Vantiva’s comprehensive professional services package includes ongoing software upgrades and security maintenance, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of Android TV solutions in the competitive streaming landscape.

The future and beyond for Vantiva

The milestone of 22 million STBs powered by Android TV underscores Vantiva’s unwavering commitment to delivering open and innovative technologies to NSPs and Pay TV operators globally. With a focus on seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences, Vantiva continues to set the benchmark in creating best-in-class CPE and fostering partnerships within the connected home ecosystem.

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