Meet DTVKit at the RDK Tech Summit 2024

Date: 23-24 April, 2024
Location: Leonardo Royal Hotel, Amsterdam

Explore the Future of RDK Innovation

The RDK Summit 2024 promises a deep dive into the future of RDK Video and Broadband technology, offering attendees an opportunity to engage with industry leaders, gain insights into groundbreaking advancements, and connect with fellow professionals shaping the RDK ecosystem.

Attendees can anticipate a rich program featuring cutting-edge sessions led by industry experts. Topics will span a wide array of themes including Next-Gen Networking, Entertainment Evolution, and Next Wave Software Development. These sessions will offer valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations driving RDK technology forward.

Interactive Experience

Moreover, participants will have the chance to actively engage in interactive discussions, with opportunities to join panel sessions and Q&A sessions. These discussions will provide a platform for attendees to delve deeper into RDK’s roadmap and future directions, fostering a deeper understanding of the technology’s potential.

Agenda Highlights

The agenda for the summit is packed with highlights spread across the two days. On Tuesday, 23rd April, sessions will focus on Next-Gen Networking, Redefining Entertainment, and Operational Excellence. Topics will include EasyMesh Agent/Unified Wi-Fi, cloud strategies, Thunder Framework progress, and more.


On Wednesday, 24th April, sessions will continue exploring the Roadmap to Next-Gen Connectivity, Building New RDK Entertainment Experiences, and the Next Wave of Software Development. Attendees can expect discussions on broadband evolution, Firebolt Updates, Operator LCM Towards Software Development, and much more.

Ready to Join Us?

Will you be attending and want to learn more about our royalty-free DVB middleware stack? We will also be showing our new development platform, the white-label STB. Use the meeting link below to schedule an introduction with us:



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