OBS implement CI Plus 1.4 ECP making it available to DTVKit community

Founding member OBS has made a new reference implementation of its CI Plus 1.4 software stack. It is compliant with Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) requirements. CI+ ECP is designed to offer improved levels of security and robustness for the protection of premium UHD content. It requires the use of a host supporting a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

In line with this development, OBS has also updated the architecture for its CI+ software stack to exploit devices offering a TEE. Those parts of the software stack that are responsible for handling secrets can now be isolated, in the TEE, from the main application environment, increasing the robustness of the solution. The architectural change has been implemented in such a way that the same code base can still be used for non-ECP compliant devices without a TEE. This enables manufacturers to maintain a single code base for multiple product offerings.

Premium UHD content

The CI+ ECP solution is a reference implementation, in that the major architectural changes have been made to support the ECP requirements. Some work is required to integrate the software into a product.

Paul Martin, CEO of OBS, said “Premium UHD content is becoming more widely available and content protection solutions such as CI+ ECP are a key part of delivering that content to the end user. OBS has produced a reference implementation and is available to support manufacturers in bringing this technology to market.”

Phil Evans, General Manager at DTVKit, commented, “By adding ECP we ensure our members have access to the latest requirements, allowing them to focus on value added features for their projects.”

The CI Plus ECP reference implementation is now available to our members as part of the DTVKit membership. If you would like further information about becoming a member please send us an email enquiry.

Source: OBS



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