Why is RDK different and what problems does it solve?

What is RDK?

RDK has taken the market by storm in recent years and has offered operators an alternative to the AOSP solution, but what is RDK? RDK is an open-source platform for the connected home that standardises the core functions of broadband, video, and IoT connected devices. It enables service providers to manage their devices, control their business models, and customise their apps, UI’s, and data analytics, improving the customer experience and driving business results.


The RDK community has demonstrated annual growth, reaching over 500 technology companies who are collectively making code contributions and downloading software components more than seven million times per month.

RDK Ecosystem

RDK restores the competition

The choices operators face, along with the overwhelming resource offered by RDK, finally provide the market competition, enabling operators to choose their commercial destiny. The RDK community is steadily growing, and more operators are building a successful business from the open-source project. Click the link to read the full comparisons and why RDK is different to AOSP.  



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