The Android TV Revolution

Android has taken the Pay TV industry by storm

There is no doubt that Android TV™ has come of age in the Pay TV space in the last 12 months. Google has allowed enabled operators to use the Android ecosystem whilst retaining their unique characteristics via the operator tier. Android TV is quickly becoming the key platform for operators to consider when they are bringing out new services.

Rethink Research published their report ‘How Android TV finally won the set-top wars’ in 2018; they forecast that there will be over 99 million devices globally by 2022. We’ve also seen in the 2019 Digital TV Europe Industry Survey that industry respondents are excited by Android TV Operator Tier. The most significant benefit was seen as to the access to content that the Google Play store gives, with some 24% of respondents rating that access as excellent, and 42% rating it as good. Android TV Operator Tier was also highly rated for enabling operators to get services up and running quickly, where 22% rated it excellent, and 39% rated it good, and for ease of use, where 21% ranked in excellent and 40% rated it as good.

Why is CubiTV™ for Android TV needed?

TiVo is launching CubiTV for Android TV across EMEA, Latin America and markets across Asia and the Pacific. As part of TiVo’s Next-Gen Platform and TiVo’s CubiTV Solutions, CubiTV for Android TV sits alongside CubiTV for Linux, CubiTV for Mobile and CubiTV SDK to give operators a full choice of options when deciding how to deliver a compelling, multi-function television service to their subscribers. TiVo has a proven track record with its CubiTV product line which has been deployed to over 10 million devices worldwide.

TiVo gives operators the ability to control costs with an STB-agnostic architecture and with a modular approach that allows them to add features as they grow, including upgrading to TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery Platform.

Using CubiTV for Android TV allows the operator to benefit from modern, immersive user experience to deliver a unified discovery experience that taps into the power of Google Assistant search functionality. The product also leverages TiVo’s experience with enabling core OTT services like Netflix and others. In 2013 TiVo-enabled Virgin Media to become the first pay-TV operator to embrace Netflix as an integrated part of their user experience on the Virgin Media TiVo platform.

CubiTV for Android TV has quick, easy and versatile deployment options that leverage our CubiTV DVB stack and pre-existing conditional access and STB integrations. Furthermore, operators can leverage the Android TV ecosystem to enrich customer experience with the vast availability of OTT content, apps and games, and further innovations like Google Assistant on TV and IoT integrations.

CubiTV for Android is the modular, cost-effective, easy to deploy, pre-integrated solution that enables operators to seamlessly begin their journey with Android TV Operator Tier and leverage the ecosystem benefits.

Source: Digital TV Europe



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