Six benefits of being a DTVKit member

DTVKit has come a long way since it was founded in 2014. The past five years we have been working hard to be able to provide our members with the very best production ready DVB software, and not only that, we have been ensuring that year on year we are enhancing and growing our main software components. We are lucky to have the DTV community that we do. At the moment we have 18 members and counting; we love growing our community, and each of our members brings something wonderfully unique. Currently, our software components consist of Android TV (AOSP), DVB, CI Plus, HbbTV and MHEG, but we are always on the lookout to add more components and enhance existing ones, so watch this space…

1)    Android TV

Currently, Android TV is the hot topic in the digital television industry.  Everyone wants a piece of the Android Pie, that is why we are proud to be able to give our members access to a complete integration of DTVKit into Android using the TV Input Framework (TIF). We were pleased to be able to offer Android TV to our members in March, and in September we teamed up with support members HARMAN and Ocean Blue Software to be able to provide our members with Android TV support from integration all the way through to certification. We are committed to our Android journey, and we are always moving forward to ensure that we have updates for the latest Android version.

2)    Faster time to market

In this day and age, everyone is always very busy. Let us save you time, money and resources by doing all the hard work for you. Our expert team has crafted the DTVKit solution, to provide you with the very best DVB solution. When you become a DTVKit member, you will have unlimited source code access, and unlimited royalty-free rights to distribute the DTVKit software however you like*.

3)    It is owned by you

DTVKit is a not-for-profit organisation; we run solely for the benefit of our members. That is why we have regular Governing Board meetings, and Technical Steering Committee meetings. As a DTVKit member, you can be elected on to the Governing Board, and automatically have a seat at the Technical Steering Committee. This ensures you have your say as to how you want your money to be spent, to help enhance and develop the DTVKit software.

4)    Simple fee structure and royalty free software

Our simple fee structure of $15,000 a year, is not only well priced, but it also provides members with unlimited use of the source code, and you get the freedom to customise this however you like. There are no hidden costs What you see is what you get. Our model is completely royalty-free, with only one payment a year, you can do as you please with our software*.

5)    Quality software components

Our foundations are based on strong software components, which has allowed us to build an excellent end product. Our solution incorporates DVB, Android TV, MHEG, HbbTV and CI Plus. We regularly ensure that we have the latest versions for these components, to provide our members with access to a current solution at all times.

6)    Our DTV community

Joining DTVKit means you become a member of the DTV Community! We have an active forum where members can discuss technical questions, and receive support from DVB experts.  The community is growing each year; 2018 saw the addition of four new members! The community consists of some of the best within the industry, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with our members.

If you are interested in becoming a DTVKit member, please click here.

*In binary form only, or as part of member’s own SDK to other DTVKit members



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