CI Plus

DTVKit is a not for profit membership-based organisation; this model means there are many benefits of being a DTVKit member. Through cooperation, we create royalty-free high-quality DVB software for the consumer STB and TV market. Our members base is growing year on year, and we currently have 20 members who contribute to the continued development of our software.


Since being formed, DTVKit has the ongoing aim of standardising the software to allow the members to develop products with minimal development time and cost. The DVB Core software is integrated within Android TV, RDK, and recently we have released CI Plus 2.0 to its members. We are working on releasing a version of DVB Core that will be an application in future versions of Android, and we are in the process of adding multicast support to DVB Core. Our unique model allows us to deliver these features at a low cost to our members, giving our members access to features and platforms. Below highlights the benefits of being a DTVKit member:


  1. Access to the latest software components: We have an ongoing commitment to ensure that we give our members to the latest versions of the software components.
  3. Faster time to market: Faster time to market frees engineering resources to add real value to the product and the end consumer. Why waste valuable engineering resources and time when DTKVit have already done the hard work for you?
  5. You own it: DTVKit is a not-for-profit organisation; we run solely for the benefit of our members. That is why we have regular Governing Board meetings and Technical Steering Committee meetings. This model ensures you have your say as to how you want your money to be spent, to help enhance and develop the DTVKit software.
  7. Simple fee structure and royalty-free software: Our simple fee structure of $15,000 a year, is not only well priced, but it also provides members with unlimited use of the source code, and you get the freedom to customise this however you like.

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Benefits of being a DTVKit member

DTVKit is a not for profit membership-based organisation; this model means there are many benefits of being a DTVKit member. …

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