When you have found a new product that has interested you and you can see the ‘Buy it now’ or ‘Confirm purchase’ buttons on the screen, there are always things to consider before committing. Let’s use the Hybrid White Label set-top box as an example; we would like to make sure you understand what you are getting before you commit to buying.

Who is the Hybrid White Label box for?

Let’s first begin with, ‘Who is this product for?’ This is a solution for small to medium operators moving from Zapper to Hybrid services. Previously, the challenge has been getting silicon support for lower volume Operator and OEMs, with the Hybrid white label platform, this disappears.

Consider the Raspberry Pi for example, this is great for development, but there needs to be something closer to a real product to make a convincing proof of concept or demonstrator.

The next question is ‘What is included?’

We are delivering a UI based on Video Accelerator (VA) from RDK which includes several example apps. A sample DVB application is included to show application developers how to use the DTVKit RDK service to perform core functions such as channel scans, retrieve EPG and detailed programme information. It also initiates playback of a selected service. Full source code for the App is available from the RDK repositories for App developers to use as a reference.


Detailed Technical Specification can be found here.

And lastly, ‘Why should I buy it?’

The Hybrid White Label set-top box is many things; a development platform, a demonstrator and a proof of concept. It enables you to present a realistic proof of concept to your potential customer. Whether you are a DTVKit member or not, you can evaluate RDK + DTVKit as a full Hybrid solution and most importantly representative of a real Hybrid STB experience. It is low cost and freely available. It is also white label by definition which means you can put your own branding on it!


DTVKit member Unionman says “Since the cooperation with DTVKit, it has saved our company a lot of manpower and costs thanks to the various services provided by DTVKit. We look forward to the launch of this new STB as a development platform.”


DTVKit member ESWIN also adds, “ESWIN is a new enterprise in the TV field. Joining DTVKit allows us to quickly understand DVB-related functions and designs, which saves us a lot of manpower and money. We look forward to the launch of this STB to provide us with closer development in the future. and a way of verifying actual products.”


When, when, when? The Hybrid White Label box is available to order today!

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