RDK 4.0

OEMs and smaller satellite operators around the globe are seeking ways to test and evaluate RDK and DTVKit as a full Hybrid solution. To fulfil the needs of this for members of the community and beyond, DTVKit has collaborated with other valued members including RDK, Mediatek, EKT and OBS to develop the Hybrid White Label set-top box.

Who is the Hybrid White Label box for?

DTVKit is a global shared source software company and the launch of the Hybrid white label box enables it to be used as a development platform, a demonstrator or to deliver a Proof of Concept. The platform will be delivered with a defined profile of RDK4.

“This project has been very significant because it has been developed and brought to market through the collaboration of our members, which is essentially what DTVKit is all about, it’s our company’s ethos, so it is a very exciting milestone,” says Amy Cleary, Marketing and Operations Director, DTVKit.

Phil Evans, Managing Director, DTVKit adds, “There is a need to overcome the challenges of getting silicon support for lower volume operator and OEMs. We have developed a solution for small to medium operators moving from zapper to hybrid services. As the name suggests, it’s a white label box which means you can put your own branding on it.”

DTVKit leading the way in innovation

“With DTVKit’s Hybrid While Label set-top box, the DTVKit community continues to show its innovation and commitment to providing RDK-enabled solutions to operators around the globe,” said Jason Briggs, President and General Manager of RDK.  “This new STB is a welcomed addition, and we look forward to its use and adoption by members of both of our communities.” 


OBS provides support services into DTVKit and as founding member, Paul Martin CEO of OBS says, “Our company has an important role to play in that our RDK knowledge and expertise provides smaller OEMs with a head start in bringing their RDK products to market quickly and efficiently.”

The chipset and specification

As a longstanding member and one of the key next-generation RDK SoCs, Mediatek was chosen as the Silicon supplier to the first DTVKit Hybrid White Label box. “We have been in the field of set-top boxes for many years and have provided many solutions required by different operators, including Linux or Android platforms. This is the first time that Mediatek has launched a STB on RDK platform, which provides basic DTV functions and can contain many high-quality applications. Operators can quickly launch Hybrid products.” said Winson Hsu, Assistant General Manager of Mediatek’s Intelligent Multimedia Business Unit.


DTVKit’s Hybrid White Label set-top box is running on a 4K UHD Capable Chipset with 2GB DDR4, 8 MB EMMC, dual Multiformat Demod (DVB-C/T2/S2), (Bluetooth 5, WiFi 6 2+2 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax 2.4/5 GHz. You can place your order here.

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