OBS Announces The Launch Of ‘The Open Red Button Project’ At The Upcoming 9th HbbTV Symposium.

Introducing 'ORB'

Ocean Blue Software Ltd (OBS), the pioneer of collaborative digital broadcast software, is today announcing it will launch an exciting new collaborative project at the HbbTV Symposium in Paris next month.

A better technology and business model

The Open Red Button Project (ORB) promises TV and STB manufacturers significant cost reductions whilst accelerating innovation.
Paul Martin, CEO of OBS, commented “ORB takes a radically different approach both in terms of technology and business model. By leveraging recent developments in the embedded browsers available with the key platforms in our industry (Android & RDK) ORB will significantly reduce costs for TV & STB manufacturers. Our approach unleashes the power of collaboration which will considerably accelerate innovation in this area.”

ORB has been collaboratively developed with a number of HbbTV Association members and will be presented during the 9th HbbTV Symposium in Paris on 24th and 25th November.

Paul Martin added, “We will present the technical approach along with how the rest of the industry can be involved at the 9th HbbTV Symposium. It will be a fascinating event and we encourage anyone with an interest in ORB to attend whether it’s physically or virtually.” The 9th HbbTV Symposium will take place later this month on 24th and 25th November at the CIté Internationale Universitaire de Paris in France. ORB will be presented during the ‘Innovation in HbbTV’ session between 12:10 – 13:25 on 25th of November and demonstrations will be made during the event. For more information and to register for the 9th HbbTV Symposium: https://www.hbbtv.org/9thhbbtv-symposium-and-awards-2021/

OBS announces the launch of the Open Red Button project

OBS Announces The Launch Of ‘The Open Red Button Project’ At The Upcoming 9th HbbTV Symposium. Introducing ‘ORB’ Ocean Blue …

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