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Realtek Joins Netflix Hailstorm and Da Vinci Scaling Programs for Pre-Integrated Netflix on Android TV and RDK

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Realtek, a Taiwan-based fabless IC Company, takes the leading advantage again to become the strategic SoC partner of Netflix Hailstorm and Da Vinci scaling programs, delivering pre-integrated Netflix to both Android TV and Reference Design Kit (RDK) with approved SoC security NSV2018.1 from Netflix.

Realtek has long supported multiple leading OS’s, including Android TV and RDK. Now the footprint has further expanded with Netflix’s scaling solution – Hailstorm for Android TV and Da Vinci for RDK. The ready-to-go design will reduce customer’s engineering investment, attain a faster time-to-market, and provide a premium-quality user experience on Netflix. All reference solutions will debut sequentially throughout H1, 2022.

Android TV and RDK Streaming services

Netflix Security Verified (NSV) is a security specification review program created by Netflix to enhance SoC security and minimize risk of breaches on platforms. In early 2021, Realtek’s RTD131X SoC platform received the world’s first NSV2018.1 approval from Netflix. This security approval established a solid foundation for Realtek in supporting Hailstorm and Da Vinci programs. All Realtek partners and Pay TV service providers will benefit from this innovation and inherit the security robustness assured by Netflix.

“With our Hailstorm and Da Vinci SoC reference solutions, Pay TV operators will be able to reduce Netflix integration efforts, shorten time-to-market, and unlock more device reach opportunities”, said Realtek’s Vice President and Spokesman, Yee-Wei Huang. “We are excited to see so many great things coming together – strong and strategic partners like Netflix, an immersive AV technology, and the best ever streaming service on Android TV and RDK.”

DTVKit is committed to the stable development of our main platforms. You can use the same DVB Core across your entire product range: RDKAndroid TVLinux and RTOS. Our platforms are OS independent. 

Realtek joins Netflix Android TV and RDK set-top scaling programs

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